Muslim community also believe that God has finally delivered the last prophet Muhammad to express the divine revelations to the world. In Islamic principal, the way of life or called as Sunnah has been traditionally preserved. In connection to this, the Muslim people put emphasis on the essence of the Sunnah in their daily existence. This is the reason why they pattern their lifestyle to that of Muhammad. Sunnah is also considered to be vital in interpreting the Holly Book.

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Essentially, there is no doubt that Muslim community are strongly bound with their religion. For this reason, all the normative examples and way of teachings are oriented to them by God through their prophet Muhammad. With adherence to the Holy Bok Qur’an, Muslims have an exemplary lifestyle.

Islam is an Abrahamic and monotheistic religion that adheres with its holy book referred to as Qur’an.

Allah is the verbatim word that is attributed to the God of the Islamic people. Meanwhile, the Sunnah refers to the teachings and way of life that Allah’s people follow. Muhammad is believed to be the last prophet of the Islam believers called as Muslims.

Muslims display a sensitive understanding that there is

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one and unparalleled God. Also, they strongly believe that the purpose why they are bestowed with the gift of life is to worship Allah. They also adhere to the principle that Islam is a universally complete manifestation of a primordial faith that has been disclosed many years ago prior to the time of other prophets such as Moses, Abraham, Noah and Adam.

Although Muslim people maintain that revelations as well as the previous messages have been partially altered, they consider their holy book Qur’an as the account of the final revelation of God. In connection to this, religious practices also include the five pillars of Islam. Also, they are governed with religious laws which they call the Islamic law. This law is integrated to the daily existence of the Muslims and touches their role in the society as a whole. Islamic law also governs virtual aspects of life.

Most Muslim people comprise of two religious denominations. The prevalent of these two is the Sunni which encompasses seventy five to ninety percent and Shia comprising of only ten to twenty percent of the Muslim people. The country that is home to the large number of Muslims is Indonesia. There is also an ample number of Muslim people in Russia, America, Europe and China.

Other facts about islam

Islam and Allah

The basic concept of the Islamic religion is a complex monotheism which is referred to as Arabic. According to the Holy book Qur’an, there is only one absolute eternal God and there is no one that can ever be compared to him. As such, the Muslim community as well as the Jews decline the Christian doctrine trinity.

Muslims have also thorough beliefs that all of the things that exist in the universe have been brought by the power of the command of god. He is also considered as God who attends to the needs of those who make the right decision to call him. Unlike Christians, there is no intermediary just like clergies.


Qur’an is a holy book that holds the accounts of the Muslim teachings. The teachings that are included in the holy book is believed to be from various prophets to whom the message of God have been given to. Aside from the fact that the Qur’an is the final as well as well as literal message of God, the Holy book of the Muslims are also considered as the finest literature in the Arabic language.

It is also believed that the verses of the Holy book have been disclosed to the prophet Muhammad through Gabriel the Archangel on many events of his existence until his final account on earth. During the existence of the prophets, all of the revelations have been taken down courtesy of his companions. Needless to say, the prominent way of transmission during that time is memorization.

The Holy book is divided into one hundred fourteen chapters called as suras. When all of these chapters are combined, they form a total number of 6,236 verses which are called āyāt. The earlier suras which are believed to have been disclosed at Mecca concentrate on spiritual as well as ethical issues. On the other hand, the later suras touch more on moral as well as social topics.

The Qur’an focuses more on guidance instead of legal issues. It is also viewed as the source of the values and principles of the Islamic people. In order to reinforce the interpretation of the Holy book, the Islamic jurists consult reports referred to as hadith. While the art of the commentary of the Holy book is called as tafsir, the rules that comprise proper pronunciation are termed as tajwid. Muslims usually consider the Holy book as original version and any translations are not sufficient.

Muslim people use the term aniya as referral to those Islam prophets who are granted with the privilege to be the messenger of God. In connection to this, Muslims also adhere to the beliefs that prophets are human instead of divine ones. However, there are also those who are capable of performing miracles in order to back up their claims of divinity.

Resurrection and judgment

Muslims believe that the time of judgement has already been preordained by God. However, this time called as Qiyāmah is not known by man. With this, the trials as well as tribulations prior to this time are indicated in the Holly book.

In addition to that, they also believe that people will be judged according to the good and bad things that they have done. For the good deeds, it is believed that the person goes to a paradise called Jannah. On the other hand, bad ones go to Jahannam or hell. Also, good deeds are rewarded by God when they enter heave. Needless to say, heaven is considered to be a place of fun and happiness for the Muslim people.